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git commit -a is equivalent to running git add on all filenames that existed in the latest commit, and then running git commit.; git commit files creates a new commit containing the contents of the latest commit, plus a snapshot of files taken from the working directory.

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The branch name is found in the ref property of the base object in the webhook payload. ... see Create a build project (console) and WebhookFilter in the AWS CodeBuild API Reference. ... or reopened on branches with Git reference names that match the regular expression ^refs/heads/main$ and head references that match ^refs/heads/branch1$. ...

git branch -m OLD_BRANCH_NAME NEW_BRANCH_NAME. 변경 후, 원격저장소에서 이전 branch 삭제하고 변경한 새브랜치 업로드. 원격 브랜치 가져오기 git checkout -t origin/BRANCH_NAME 브랜치 이동 git checkout BRANCH_NAME git checkout -b BRANCH_NAME // 브랜치 생성과 동시에 브랜치 이동 Used as CodeBuild ENV variable when building Docker images: image_tag “latest” (Optional) Docker image tag in the ECR repository, e.g. latest. Used as CodeBuild ENV variable when building Docker images: github_token ”” (Optional) GitHub auth token environment variable (GITHUB_TOKEN) stage: default: Stage: name: codebuild: Name: build ...