Discriminative stimulus characteristics

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Jul 21, 2017 · Stimuli were either the syllable /ba/ or a pure tone, and the listener's task was to discriminate stimuli based on the pitch associated with the F0 of the /ba/ or frequency of the tone. In both cases the standard was 250 Hz, and the target was at a higher frequency. Stimuli were precomputed before the experiment began.

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Discriminative Stimulus. Discriminative stimulus is a term used in classical conditioning as a part of the process known as operant conditioning. A discriminative stimulus is a type of stimulus that is used consistently to gain a specific response and that increases the possibility that the desired response will occur. Characteristics of Autism Measurement ... C-08 Stimulus Transfer Control & Fading Procedures ... C-07 Discrimination Training.

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(b) A low-contrast stimulus is assumed to produce noisier measurements and thus a broader likelihood. Multiplication by the same prior induces a larger shift and thus the low- contrast stimulus is typically perceived as moving slower. NATURE NEUROSCIENCEVOLUME 9[NUMBER 4[APRIL 2006 579

perceptual discrimination, Feb 01, 2001 · The present research addressed predictions from Best’s perceptual assimilation model (PAM), which incorporates both contrastive phonological and noncontrastive phonetic influences from the native language in its predictions about discrimination levels for diverse types of non-native contrasts. However, the compound stimulus in the compound stimulus discrimination task did not have overlapping elements with single stimuli because they were composed of tone stimuli with different frequency components (T 1: 2000 Hz, T 2: 4000 Hz). These studies reported a transient decrease in hippocampal theta activity following the presentation of a compound stimulus during the simultaneous feature-negative task compared to the simple discrimination task but not during the compound stimulus ...