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Drain Plug Torque. Thread starter afmeyer9. Start date Apr 19, 2014. If anyone reading this has a manual, what is the torque for the oil pan drain plug? also, what is the torque for the oil filter cap?

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oil drain plug torque Thread starter ... Duramaxdiesels.com was founded in 2006 and created a site which houses some of the best known Duramax tech you can find. ... BD’s transmission pans increase oil capacity, while the heavy duty 356T6 cast aluminum construction and heat-dissipating fins keep the oil temperature down. As an added bonus, the pan’s increased rigidity prevents case twisting from high the torque that diesel engines create. Kit includes a magnetic drain plug and temperature sending unit port.

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Apr 22, 2018 · When Chevy took the wraps off the all-new 2019 Chevy Silverado a few months ago, it only stated which engines would power the new pickup, but now we have the official specs. The guys over at GM ... Bolt Torque Specs Application Spec. Axle Flange Bolts, 10.5" Axle: 115 lb ft Axle Flange Bolts, 11.5" Axle: 148 lb ft Axle Shaft Nut: 155 lb ft Brake Hose Bracket Bolt: 80 lb in Brake Hose Clip Bolts: 106 lb in Cab Mount Bolts: 55 lb ft Driveshaft Yoke Retainer Bolts: 19 lb ft Exhaust Manifold Bolt/Nut: 28 lb ft Front Axle Fill and Drain Plugs: 24 lb ft Items Torque Nm Oil pan, oil strainer and oil jet Drain plug 39 – 3 Oil jet 32 – 3 Piston and connecting rod Connecting rod cap mounting nut 29 – 3+49– 5+45_ +45_ Drive plate Drive plate assembly and crankshaft mounting bolt 123 – 12 Crankshaft and crankcase Dust cover mounting bolt 47 – 5 Lower crankcase mounting bolt 25 – 3

3) With the oil catch drain pan in place, remove the oil drain plug. Note that in my case I've installed a Fumoto oil drain valve. All I have to do is romove the clip in the photo and open the valve. This gives a great deal of control over the flow of oil. Cheap gaskets have also broken during tightening, so always choose the best engine oil drain plug gaskets for cars and trucks that you can get. Don't Ignore the Engine Oil Light! If the plug falls out, often the only way you'll know is when the engine oil light comes on – or your engine has seized up. 2011 duramax stalls while driving, Nov 20, 2011 · Hey everyone I am new to this site and a new ram owner as well. I Just purchased a 98 ram 1500 5.9. The truck will run fine and then out of no where it will stall. Radio keeps playing, lights will stay on, wont buck or jerk, just dies.