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The Gen4 EFI has an extensive new list of features and ALL NEW software! We are now taking orders! If you would like to talk to a salesperson about purchasing the Gen4 EFI Kit, please call and ask for Pat Downs or Mark Lawless.

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Running on a Li-ion rechargeable battery, via mini USB-C cable which is included, this light can also be used as an all-purpose flashlight for use at home, car or in the garage. The sleek machined aluminum body has a tactical inspired design that fits comfortably in hand for prolonged use. The Go EFI 4 Matte Black Self-Tuning Fuel Injection is rated at 600hp but is suitable for engines from 200hp thru 650hp. This system is perfect for your everyday Driver right up to your weekend Street Machine or Bracket Racer.

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Apr 30, 2018 · before proceeding. Poorly routed throttle cables & linkages can cause throttle pedal issues. The Sniper Stealth 4500 ships with the unit with a 1:1 throttle linkage. If desired the link between the secondary and primary linkage levers can be moved to different holes on the primary lever. If the position is changed, the customer must ---Data & USB Cables---Jumper Wires---Power Cables ... Adapters for Fitech servo. Hello @burrism , In motor datasheet, it says that spline has 25 tooth. Since you ...

FiTech Mean Street EFI Master Kit w/ Force Fuel System Never has so much power been placed in one compact package. The Meanstreet is a nitrous compatible system with eight injectors, an onboard ECU, MAP sensor and internal fuel pressure regulator to deliver a simple, clean installation. The Meanstreet's annular swirl, wet flow technology provides the most complete fuel atomization available.