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Also, the free slope intercept form calculator by calculator-online helps to find slope-intercept form equation from given points. Slope Calculator Helps To Do: This calculator allows you to perform calculations corresponding to the slope and different other parameters: You can readily find \((m)\) or gradient of a line that passes through 2 points

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Phasor Diagram RevisionLecture2: Phasors •Basic Concepts •Reactive Components •Phasors •Phasor Diagram •Complex Power •Complex Power in Components E1.1 Analysis of Circuits (2014-4472) Revision Lecture 2 – 5 / 7 Draw phasors as vectors. Join vectors end-to-end to show howvoltages in series add up (or currents in parallel).

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Phasor Formula. The following formula is used to convert a rectangular form to a phasor form. P = arctan (y/x) Where P is the phasor angle; y is the imaginary part of the rectangular form x + jy

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