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QD Flash Hider & suppressor mount – with OSS’s patented Torque Lock® system – is compatible with HX-QD 556k, HX-QD 762, and HX-QD Magnum Ti suppressors. Available in 1/2 x 28. Additional info:

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Mar 20, 2017 · The monocore baffle system is also titanium, and the full-up weight is under 14 ounces. Offered in black, OD and FDE, the Ti-G1 can be had for 5.56, .30 and a new useful option, 6.5. Creedmoor shooters who want quiet, here you go. BLACKHAWK! Yes, there were announced last year, but now they are here, and can be had.

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The quietest I've heard are usually homemade units fashioned from automotive oil filters with a threaded adapter. The size of the oil filter needed depends on the bullet weight, powder charge and barrel length. Don't forget to buy your tax stamp or you'll go to prison! 5.6K views ·.